Shop Software Host Applications. Here’s a good guide and tested suggestions that WORK: I really wanted to do audio recordings. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. I unfortunately also don’t know whether this is thread safe or not and whether it can be used in the same bidirectional configuration as the synchronous sockets can. So my question is why does it work perfectly in Cubase but it barely works in Reaper with the same exact settings?

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The output is also samples. Send a private message to Moraha.

For users of legacy Steinberg Cubase software. However, if this driver is still present on your system you can still select it in Cubase. I just installed Reaper on it for testing purposes for now.

ASIO DirectX Duplex Driver – No audio recording? –

I usually try no larger thanbut try and first. Video editing, 3D work and audio with zero problems.

But really didn’t expect to get such great help!!! I use this on my laptop with a Realtek soundcard. I don’t understand this buffer and ASIO stuff at all.


Therefore we generally recommend to use dedicated audio hardware with an ASIO driver, set up like described above. I apologize for not mentioning that. Ideally, I would store the received data into a stream, from which a separate thread can then perform a blocking read. The other app may have been using that for playback or something. Send a private message to TimOBrien.

In Java and C I used to be able to write bidirectional socket communication very easily by having a thread read incoming packets from a blocking stream, and other threads sending packets in a synchronized function. You can now use the reverb channel as if it were an aux channel to your dry signal. Expansions for VST Instruments.

Setting up a driver for audio output (PC Windows)

qsio They offer essentially two ways to communicate with sockets, one stream-oriented blocking using socket iostreams and one using asynchronous socket communication Boost asio. I’m not recording any vocals I actually had another question if anyone can answer this, can you install Cubase LE and Cubase 6 on the same computer dkplex without any problems? Choosing an audio interface – http: I don’t understand why.


If I want high throughput, I could even distribute incoming packets along various worker threads.

Email Required, but never shown. After you get this installed, post back if you need help with adjusting the settings. Send a private message to Driven1.

Send a private message to bluzkat. And to avoid any race issues between threads, you can use asio:: For further details please click on “Help” in the settings dialogue. No registered users and 8 guests.

Find More Posts by Moraha. Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students.

Thanks to Arunmu as well. Duplexx to menu “Devices” Select “Device Setup Post as a guest Name.