The third time they replaced the entire trouch pad, and guess what, within a week the issue was back. Sounds promising so far! That’s the only thing I might have done which may related with my touchpad’s decision to go crazy Use aluminum foil and cover all with it there’s one piece of aluminum foil covering the main Pad , just use a bigger piece all over the place along the cables etc. I too think it is a software issue because when the touchpad gets into a particularly bad state, a reboot brings it back to life.

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And they don’t need to “adjust” or anything like that. We’re talking about infinitesimally smaller charge levels than, say, a static shock, so every time we touch the surface, we ground and discharge the tiny capacitors. Last thing he tried.

I could walk you through all the steps I’ve been through to address this issue, but frankly I’m weary. If the Configure doesn’t open as mine would notthen asue need to uninstall and reinstall the latest Sentinel driver until the Configure button does open. The keyboard being non responding was the only thing that from what I can recall actually fixed itself before the HDD became completly corrupted which happened with in the next 5 minutes and 1 more restart in hopes of fixing the sluggishness.

This is really upsetting to see, I know some of the recomended drivers and bios are linked in this post. Synaptis have tried all the updates to drivers.

Troubleshooting ASUS G73 Touchpad Problems – Page 53

Thanks for your help Even though the G74 uses a completely different touchpad Sentelicand they no longer put the little pieces of offending tape around the edges, they DO still slap unnecessary junk onto the back of the touchpad. He contacted Az Ussparts Doteeyou and bought new reins there trackpad. Zsus think some people have replaced the touchpad with a new one that is an upgrade so I might try that just to get a little better performance from the pad. I’m sorry that you and many others have had to deal with this situation, and I can only say that it’s an assembly oversight.


This is our second one. I just registered to this board to thank you all!

I’m not going to repeat all the instructions, just g73aw tips and cautions to consider at particular steps that I thought would be helpful. It’s bizarre to me that Asus didn’t learn from the G73 and avoid the same assembly techniques that caused these problems.

If they are fine and the drivers are all up to date, check the ground connection on you touchpad or have a technician do so. I swore “never again! Include your past RMA numbers, and give a description of your issue, and suggestions for trackpad replacement, and notebiok new PSU brick.

ROG G73SW Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global

I of course had no way of verifying this. We’ve decided to return this one and try another G I’m always very careful about that. Much like Microsoft’s software, it kept getting bigger and bigger and begun to sag and lag under its own weight. Haven’t tried anything like nnotebook. That way, when you finish the repair, and after you’ve connected all the ribbons, but before you re-fasten the screen and the outer housing, you can plug the machine in, boot it up, and make sure everything is working properly.


His old donkey, which he had named MAC: All movement appears to be at the left edge of the touchpad, or, 2. Maybe the rubberized finish on the case is the root of the problem.

Also when listening to youtube the mic will come on and send terrible feedback throughout the house. Another idea is that the static discharges from the tape and adhesive damage the touchpad. I will attempt this fix on my own but i will say touchpaf it works or not I will NOT buy another Asus product for as long as i live and I will advocate the same to everyone I know, I’ve never spent this much money on a laptop before, I just expected for that kind of money everything would be perfect!

G73JH Touchpad fixed….

saus What I was looking at was something different. Now it just jumps around, sometimes doesn’t work at all, very flaky, then sometimes it works just fine. This erratic cursor issue is reported with both Synaptics and Sentelic touchpads. I have just completed this true repair prior to reading this email of yours. I cleaned off all tape residue.