I believe in the open-source project and I think that Ubuntu is a real alternative to Windows and I think that in few years Ubuntu can overtake Windows, but it must think to the housewifes. It’s not just code, it’s hardware and software. One more suggestion, even though it may sound competely ridiculous: Thanks to Iuvr and it’s post, my wg works again. I joined techspot just to save others a lot of work.

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Bus Device I don’t believe that the Atheros hardware is to blame; once you install the right driver, it works great, doesn’t it? Just looking for a free software laptop experience similar to the corporate OS’s, but without the bloat and spyware and so on. At times I have ar5212/ad5213 some information below from the Etekcity USB output so as to compare it with the internal Atheros card.

Tried the new linux-libre Temporarily freezing it up and so on. You can probably find drivers for stuff that i have no idea about using your method, but from having to build wireless embedded routers on BSD, I remembered that for AR5xxx cards it was something like what was suggested on the NoVaLug list.

I have two cards, a dlink and atheroz lucent technologies. Use Jockey to select one driver or the other. Seemed to be a true used part. It was a nothing less than a disaster: Glad you are offering hardware that is “known”.


And speed has improved noticably. It seems there is a conflict in Network Manager, or between it and other programs it relies on, but only with certain devices of course, like my internal card; my usb wifi works fine.

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

I never thought about those…. During this time I noticed that the driver was enable but “not in use”, ar5212/ar5231 in that period wasn’t so important.

On ar5212//ar5213 other things now, checking this off the list. No issues at all but I’d rather use my internal card if possible as there is nothing to attach and carry around and so on. So i am guessing that for the Wgt to support would be a driver thing with an additional feature called frame burst?

ath5k – Debian Wiki

I could have found this info easily had I known the device IDs. Thanks to Iuvr and it’s post, my wg works again. Did you swap the wireless card out for another or was this the original? I never thought about those… I’m wondering if it would be worth the bother to try again? The system locked up after just a few short minutes.

Getting Atheros AR Wireless Cards to Work with Windows XP – TechSpot Forums

That’s another important clue. I suspect the driver your device uses is one of those removed from CentOS Like Mic sings, “You can’t always get what you want. Please show us the output from:. Struggling with getting wireless to work Nov 27, I downloaded the files you said but when i go into device manager to look for the wireless card, i dont see it, i havent been able to even get it to work once cuz it always freezes upon insertion.


Network Qtheros seems to have a history, rightly so I suppose, of wanting to control “everything” and will rig up whatever it needs to get the job done. I thought coders just wrote and compiled, but man their hardware takes a beating on some things. I believe I saw it on Lenovo’s list.

Look for my order shortly for one of those USB Wifi nubs. Many people had the error messages I had shown earlier and it seemed to start for nearly everyone at the point of an upgrade.