This property returns the text found in the Condition text box. This article has multiple issues. The setting has been fixed. Used with map, framework, and Knowledge Object icons. Macromedia Authorware 6 running on Windows XP. The navigate icon always showed the last framework icon selected by the user, even if the user opened a navigate icon that already had a link. To delete a code snippet:

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Sound icons with children would in some cases break perpetual buttons. The border is now retained. INI with their piece to control the location of the exteranl directory and other runtime options.

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That is, the first part of the Text was off the left edge of the Edit control, even though the Edit control is clearly wide enough to contain the entire Text. This holds true for all branching icons: If a command crashes, the command is removed from the list when the timer ticks off.

Select an existing folder or create a new one by authorwate on the folder icon at the top of authoreare Snippets dialog.

For example, you might read the title of the icon to the user through text-to-speech technology. Select the name of the snippet and click Insert. This is an authoring time-only feature. Like Authorware’s system functions, the first line of a script authorwrae description should be the declared format of the function. When specifying two parameters, the first sets the frequency of the sound in hertz.


The returned value is “Hello World”. To make the text italic: That exteernal has been fixed. Indent specifies, in pixels, how far the items are indented from the left.

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This property contains the number of times the movie is set to repeat. For Inable functions, you can use the following optional masks: Z, X, C, and V.

When you set the ButtonBitmap property to “Help,” button controls would not trigger the change event variable. This property returns the last option chosen in the Target Object pop-up menu: More power was gained as more scripting added graphical design, interaction and integration features, but Authorware’s special interaction-centred, clean, simple design was lost along the way.

CallScriptIcon “Circles”, 12 This script passes the value 12 to the Circles script function, which means the repeat loop will go through 12 iterations, drawing 12 circles.

Macromedia Authorware 6 running on Windows XP. InsertIcon was not working when the paste hand was inside a closed map.


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Those keys now respond appropriately. Additional properties exposed One of the keys to extensibility is to open as many properties of each Authorware icon as possible so that you as an Authorware developer can write code that makes use of these properties. Used with motion icons only when they are authkrware to Path to End.

SetTargetModal See Writing non-modal commands. The exit calculation icon also works if you call the Quit function. MoveCursor x, y The MoveCursor function places the mouse pointer at the specified x and y coordinates. It’s easy to join and it’s free.

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The standard deviation function would need to return a result value. You can now drag a framework page to a navigate icon to set the hyperlink to that framework page. Used with calculation icons. For the complete experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser.