I have bought a Dell Precision M and I was struggling with the same problems. See the comments for some more info. No desktop or task tray icons will be placed onto the system by default. The driver link posted for the e works beautifully on the Latitude XT2 as well. Backup any user Private Information Manager account data. I will update the post accordingly, and will update if I get some time to work on it. Once I reboot after a successful biometric login, it goes back to the regular Windows login.

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Restore your archived security settings backed up in Step 1 if applicable Note: Thanks for the comment! Finally, I was about to give up or brake my laptop but found this and it worked! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Try to find over the internet this one: Clear any previously stored security settings implemented such as TPM enablement, fingerprints enrolled, BIOS passwords, preboot credentials, etc.

If the System Access Wizard dlel not automatically launch, you can start the wizard by selecting the Access tab a. I also installed the controlvault, but did not have to reinstall windows restore points were disabled.

Getting fingerprint reader working on Dell laptop – Jason Shuler’s Tech Blog

Furthermore, I have no password. I, for one, cannot get the fingerprint scanner working under Windows 10 on a Dell latitude E I also accidentally installed the ControlVault driver how would you know not to? Now Thanks to originator of this postAs i am really not Windows Guypersonal laptop running with Linux and Solaris 10 X86But Company laptop is Windowsso this post make me comfortable with Windows too.


Dell has quietly released a single installer that takes care of installing all the sub-components correctly, in the correct order thanks Mark for pointing this out. I did the installation in the right order on my E with XP Professional.

If you grab the fingerpriny of the bit download, you might be able to search for the bit version…. The system must be restarted to activate new firmware.

Getting fingerprint reader working on Dell laptop

I have bought a Dell Precision M and I was struggling with the same problems. At the end the fingerprint access to Windows works even though is rather slow still faster then typing password though. Even delll it was working, the fingerprint login was so slow that it was faster to just type the password.

If you are going to try it, follow the directions included with the download to the letter.

So, thank you guys for your help!!! I use a dell latitude e a very good laptop by the way, had to reinstall windows 10 and it wiped a lot of programs. Backup any user Private Information Manager account data. This was very helpful.

When I uncheck the ControlVault option in the DataProtection driver package, the driver is missing from device manager exclamation mark next to a Broadcom device. For Me Below Procedure worked for my Company provided Dell laptop E with Windows 7 Enterprise — uninstall controlvault — remove fingerprint reader from installed hardware when it asks, also remove driver This step i dont need to doas moment i uninstall i can see Device Manager shows Yello Exclamation Mark on Other Device FoundNo drivers Found and No more Finger print sensor device is shown and available as it was showing before Uninstallation.


Even thos not officially supporting windows 10, do work using drivers from other platforms, but the E is a stubborn one…. After a restart, my notebook plus BIOS is password protected.

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Dell really likes ot make it tricky to get the fingerprint reader working when you install Windows from scratch. Fingerprint login took so much longer than password login that I stopped using it, and did not install the drivers when I later reinstalled windows.

What ringerprint part of Dell software installs the driver required for this? I will update the post accordingly, and will update if I get some time to work on it. Thanks, was looking all over for this for my v, as the old DigitalPersona software was long abandoned.

Hey Scott — my apologies, but I no longer have the laptop in question. Installed it at my Dell E — OK.