After all the virtual drum-rolling beforehand, with internet speculation and mock-ups of what it might look like, the eventual unveiling of the ‘iTunes phone’ turned out to be less of a sensation than some had expected. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s It features a music player with an interface similar to that of Apple’s iPod music players. This has upset some, as they broke the GPL in not releasing the kernel source code.

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The type of call is easily identified by a simple icon telling you of what kind of call it was. Unlike the Shuffle however, the ROKR allows you to view the tracks you’re carrying, along with album artwork and other details.

Motorola ROKR E1

Motorola says the ROKR is merely the first in a line of iTunes-packing products – and we expect that Motorola’s next iTunes mobile could be appearing in a more cutting-edge guise shortly. Transferring tracks is slow, especially if you’re accustomed to the relative speed of the iPod.

Well, the volume down button doesn’t work anymore but the up one works so I can rokrr work my way around that. Extremely slow music transfer. In theory, we like the idea of iPods and mobile phones converging, but Motorola’s implementation of iTunes on the E1 leaves a lot to be desired.

Battery life meanwhile is fairly decent, and we managed to get almost 15 hours of playback out of it same as the dokr iPod using headphones, although using the speakers seemed to cut this in half. Today in Apple history: Considering its lengthy gestation and the amount of speculation that has been circulating about it, it is surprising that Motorola hasn’t made sure its first iTunes phone reflects its recent mobile design excellence.


Songs can only be downloaded from a PC or Mac, and not directly from the iTunes shop over the air, however. Since my initial purchase I have had 2 units.

Replace your home-screen app icons with actions. The Z6 supports the following video formats: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The only differences in design we can spot is the addition of a shortcut key crammed in under the screen to dokr iTunes, and the case is pearly rkr instead of black. It seems I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Both E8 and EM30 uses the ModeShift technology and this enables the phone to switch from talk to music with one touch special music keys get lighted up when playing music The phone incorporated Motorola’s patented CrystalTalk technology, eokr clear conversations in noisy environments.

The EM35 was released in Q1 They were notable for incorporating support of media player features. This holds true for using the speakerphone in the car or using the headset in a windy field.

Cellular was the first carrier to release the Rokr Z6m on October 14, alongside their Napster-to-Go service’s launch.

Motorola ROKR E1 – Full phone specifications

Perhaps in another form, Motorola — or Apple — can successfully merge the smooth iPod experience with a e phone. Comfortable to hold and use.


Apple September 7, The Z6 supports the following audio formats: In the end, the Rokr E1 proved disastrous. The speed issue is evident in the controls as well, which seem to have a delay of about a second or so between pressing buttons and seeing them take effect, which makes gokr awkward at best and confusing at worst. But if you’re keen on short ‘n’ snappy pop, or a fan of hip-hop albums, frequently padded out with ‘skits’ f1 a minute or less, you’re going to fill up your quota all too quickly.

The E2 was released in January But you can resume your music right back to where it was if you hit the right button. The Z6originally known as the Rizr Z6, was released on July 7, Against Rojr to copy tracks No over the air downloads from iTunes track limit. Sadly, the first iTunes phone falls well below our expectations.

The E6 features a built-in FM radio, but no radio recording. Archived from the original on The EM30releasing in Augustwas the lower-end version of the E8 see abovewithout the FastScroll navigation wheel and the haptics feel.