The instructions are easy. For example, the inside of the ScanSnap must be cleaned more frequently when scanning documents with loose toner. Any luck out there? That is why all images come in a TIFF files. It is a small comfort to know we are not the only ones suffering their site. It was a nightmare — poorly organized pages, and a hellish experience that required filling in forms with the indecipherable serial number from the scanner and waiting for an email with a download link. I had been searching for a solution for a while and it looks like the best bet may be to return this scanner since I, also use specialized dental software that requires a TWAIN.

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Sparks, caused by static electricity, generated when blowing off dust and dirt from the outside of the scanner may cause a fire. The instructions are easy. tawin


November 15, at Any luck out there? January 22, at 4: Before you start to clean the inside of the ScanSnap, disconnect the AC twin and power cable from the AC outlet and wait at least 15 minutes to let the ScanSnap cool down.

I design software for municipalities and had planned to distribute this as part of my package My software currently uses several other brands of scanner, but the Fujitsu looked very appealing because of it speed Fjjitsu software scans directly into my program which files using my own method fuijtsu by parcel IDand provides a thumbnail.


November 10, at 2: The tip is below; let me give you some background about it.

Hi Bruce, any idea if fujiysu is a new version of the Fujitsu S coming out anytime soon? Fujitsu advertised that as a strength. We will call them and try to find out. June 14, at And who can blame them when some of the best technologies in use today are those that simply work the way we expect them to, right from the very start.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S / SM – Fujitsu Global

However, I need a small scanner for another tain. I still see more of these Fujitsu scanners in offices than any other model. September 9, at 6: April 23, at 1: I want to be able to send my scan document not to just my email, but to the clients file on the computer in TAM.

But your overall point is absolutely true.

PaperStream IP (TWAIN)

Because JPEG loses quality every time you save the image in that file format. September 12, at 6: And yes sometimes I do need to use the big multifunction machine in the other room.


For example, the inside of the ScanSnap must be cleaned more frequently when scanning documents with loose toner.

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When I ran into it last yearit upset me that Hwain did not let the scanner talk to the computer through an industry-standard TWAIN driver. To this day, businesses continue to capitalize on the increased security, accessibility, and cost savings made possible by converting vast quantities of documents into a much more manageable electronic format using Fujitsu scanners. Perhaps the best way to explain all this is to step back a decade before ScanSnap started rolling fujits the assembly line.

To TWAIN or not to TWAIN – ScanSnap Community

Do not use aerosol sprays near the scanner. I need to buy a new scanner.

January 19, at Can scansnap be used with laserfiche? Fujitsh is why all images come in a TIFF files. Hi Bruce, very good input, thanks.