Card’s length is no less important. Gainward recently replaced their packaging boxes with smaller ones, and besides looking good, they also take up less space, which means that Gainward thought about not wasting paper and protecting the environment. Despite its big volume, it will occupy a single PCI-E slot inside the box. Page 1 of 2. Gainward recently decided on working with ATI, but giving up on being loyal to just one company is nothing new, as it greatly increases profits.

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More in this category: It is crystal clear that GDDR 3 bottleneck the video card.

Gainward Releases Radeon HD Golden Sample Graphics Card | TechPowerUp

This tool is usually bundled with Geforce cards bainward provides inexperienced users with a quick and painless way to overclock their card.

The difference is in the memory used on the cards, meaning the memory bandwidth. The popular GPU-Z utility gives us some additional information. You may wonder why should we repeat what we’ve already said.


Nope where is th AMD logo by the pcie gold fingers? As for Sonic, it has a unique shorter design. Anyway I saw on gainward site they wrote it has “Bandwidth: This card has a switch to enable different BIOS versions, e. For all the tests we used the latest ATI Catalyst drives 8.

More performance tests, conclusions. The card comes with a large cooler that looks quite nice and is in in fact smaller than it appears. Apple is not a tech company.

Gainward HD 4850 1024 MB BIOS

The plastic with patterned details covers the gaiward card, whereas the cooler for the core is smaller and is hidden by the hood. Two additional slots are available on the top side of the card for connecting two cards under CrossFire X. Despite its big volume, it will occupy a single PCI-E slot inside the box.

Pay attention to Sonic. Bundles, packages Page 4: Crysis Warhead Comparison 8. Benchmarking and Conclusion All Pages. Fudzilla It News and reviews. The Catalyst suite provides basic information about our sample:. Since the fan is in the center, it does a job of cooling below and on the sides.


Qimonda memory chips GDDR5.

It would be really great if Gainward modified this tool and provided Radeon support, too. Benchmarks tainward Crysis DirectX10 6. Even if overclocking is not your game, you should know that Gainward already partially did it for you.

Performance tests Page 5: Lower memory bandwidth coupled with slower core speed will surely affect performance, but HD is still a great card. Samsung memory chips GDDR3. Ganward Bridge Trying out the new method. We think it was Palit.

Upper left corner has two CrossFire X connectors. Why can’t they niche their brands to different market segments?

However, not such cable is included?