I am running VB 4. I honestly have no idea why it wouldn’t work on 4. But I can finally start learning about kali now! Problem So from the several tutorials that i read on installing the drivers, it would seem like I installed the drivers correctly and should be able to use my adapter on Kali. So i installed Kali Linux 1.

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But I can finally start learning about kali now! Toshiba Satellite LD laptop drivers. SO Glad it worked!

rtt3070 It seems like Linux can’t find my usb device, even though it says it is connected. I hope you guys can help me figure this out.

ALFA Networks AWUS036NEH | 2.4 GHz WiFi USB Adapter, 150 Mbps, Ralink RT3070

To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and click the download button. I’m going to try this setup and will edit this post and report back when I’m finished. Iwconfig shows no wlan0 interfaces?

This time I didn’t have to edit NetworkManager. Im connected to Ifupdown ethO. I do stay connected to ifupdown eth0 though.


I’m currently using 4. My usb is being recognized so finally all this trial-and-error is over. Then I changed the NetworkManager. WebSite Hacking Series Part 1: It also works with VirtualBox with me out of the box, so I don’t really understand why it’s not working.

I’m a little moody. If I can’t get something to work I’m calling on you. Sounds like you deleted you wirless drivers somehow during installation. I also read this thread https: Installing I installed the rt windows driver for my host windows 7 OS: As I said, if it doesn’t solve, the problem is somewhere else, probably in those two configurations you mentioned, I’ll be reading about them.

Actually it’s more likely me calling you for sure. Or at least, will confirm that this is a problem related to windows and Virtual Box.

It is because there is no wlan0 until you plug in the device. Again, I’ve been using a slightly different version of VB, so settings might be different, but I?

Ok, I tried the joke, that didn’t work out very well. Jul 05, Free driver for windows7 blutooth driver toshiba satellite a Free toshiba satellite c LAN drivers download Toshiba Satellite AS unable to turn on wireless capability.


Happy I can finally continue and end this thread. Hey, So i started from a fresh VM, i did the install and got the vb guest additions. Does it tell you “Device not managed” when you try to connect to an AP?

suction cup for window and Notebookdisplay for Alfa WLAN USB-Adapter,

But when I start up Kali from my VM, r3t070 my usb adapter and disconnect it from my host OS, it doesn’t seem to work. And this works for me, and in most recent versions you probably won’t even need to edit NetworkManager.

And yes, when i click on the computer at the top right of Linux, it shows: I don’t think that will be helpful, but if it matches your situation, try that.