Rubber Practice Mat Tee. Practice in your living room or on the driving range and start seeing results. The Rally wedge is designed to give players the freedom to be creative around the greens. The beveled face feature reduces the amount of friction caused by the grass. Learn how to swing in tempo and on plane every time with the Medicus men’s dual-hinged D. The CT Grooves act as a set of tracks keeping the putter-face from turning as grass pulls against the club. Being hittable – Get instant feedback while you practice!

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From that research we developed 3 distinct wedge grinds in two different head designs that are proven to optimize the short game for players of all abilities.

Featuring a 7 iron’s loft, a hittable face and weighing in at just under 2 lbs. Attach the Power Meter to your own club, follow the practice standard designed hittzble the Hittable Weighted Clubs, then re-measure your swing speed and look at the improvement. Medicus Maximus Weighted 7-Iron. Known for his commitment to physical fitness and his devoted training regimen, Villegas earned four top – 5 finishes during his rookie season on Tour in and finished top – 2 this past week at the Honda Classic.

Improve all aspects of your swing, from your takeaway to your downswing to your follow-through with this golf tool, no coach necessary.

Quench your thirst while working out with a water bottle that matches your sparkling personality. I consistently hit nice easy draws with every club in the bag The Medicus has been chosen by golf pros as the 1 swing trainer club in weignted world. More Items in Golf Training Aids.


Medicus Golf Maximus Hittable Weighted 7 Iron Swing Trainer Right-hand

The Maximus will fix a slice or hook, stop “casting” or cupping, add yards to your maxmus, increase accuracy and increase swing speed! With the Maximus Weighted Lob-Wedgelearn the pro’s secret for distance, and develop the “Perfect Swing” in just days! Used by top teaching pros, the Maximus will change your game today Anyone who experiences a lack of power or casting will really benefit with just a few sessions with the Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers!

Tour Edge engineers took great care in formulating the shape and design of the super spin. More Items in Golf Training Aids. This wedge is also available in an assortment of lofts 52, 56, 60, 64 and 68 for both RH and LH players. The “Inertial Weight Shift” teaches the proper swing plane, leading to dramatic distance and accuracy improvements!

The new Medicus Maximus line is designed to help golfers improve their swing speed and accuracy and weibhted an important part in helping Camilo Villegas maintain his powerful golf game.

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Medicus Men’s Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver Left Standard

You’ll soon be adding “pro-like” distance to your shots! Put all that together, and that’s why the Maximus feels like your own clubs. The rtx-3 blade gets hiittable closer to the hole than any wedge Cleveland Golf has ever made. Medicus Maximus and PowerMeter, the new Hittable Weighted Clubs and swing speed device, are designed to enhance your flexibility and strength and specifically build the muscles that will add power to your swing.


The Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver uses special weighting to create the perfect swing plane.

Medicus Maximus Hittable Weighted Driver at

Read more closely next time, I guess. Now, you can create power in your swing when you practice with this hittable weighted swing trainer. The Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers includes a hittable, USGA approved wedge, so the user gets instant feedback on the range, seeing a proper ball flight when practicing, building confidence!

Support the athleisure trend this season by wearing this wrighted ensemble to the gym or for a day of travel. The cambered sole is more rounded for minimal turf interaction from any lie. The Hkttable OverSpin is the best rolling putter available.

Water Bottles by Fitness Personality. The Maximus helps to keep my hands and arms trained for the kind of power required to get to the green! The full line of Maximus Weighted Hittable Swing Trainers groove your driver and short irons as weighted swing trainers.

Teaches tempo and timing, turning a “Hitter” into a “Swinger!