This plan does not support calls and outgoing SMS. For more information, head over to Hotlink Broadband page. Deposit applies to non-Malaysians at RM per plan registration. It will first be drawn from your time based pass if you have purchased one , followed by your plan-based quota. Both packages come preloaded with 50MB of free data. From broadband devices to mobile internet packages, you can trust Maxis provide you with the fastest speeds in the market today. Maxis provides a selection of services for different companies from factory-based, corporate or even online businesses.

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These plans are available for new registrations, port-in, or change of rate plan from existing Maxis postpaid broadabnd and Pocket WiFi plans. Frequently Asked Questions Click to view.

It comes covered with a 12 months warranty. Maxus more about why you should choose Maxis over other providers below. How would my quota be deducted? From checking emails, connecting with friends, and even commerce, gaining access to the online world is a must.

Personal About Maxis Newsroom. Maxis lets you enjoy all your streaming services whether Youtube, iFlix or Netflix without buffering even if you stream in HD or 4k.


Mobile Broadband & USB Modems for the Best Prices in Malaysia

Hotlink Broadband is an affordable broadband option especially for travellers or those looking for an alternative wireless broadband for short term use. Yes, you are allowed to purchase modem only at the retail recommended price RRP. How can I check my quota usage? November 30, in News.

Frequently Asked Questions

If yes, do I need to pay for any rate plan advance payment? Having one of the fastest Internet speeds in Malaysia, you will never fall short in Internet speeds even with the most demanding of tasks. However, please note that rates maaxis while roaming. One of the biggest telecommunication companies in Malaysia, Maxis features a great selection of products and services.

New Hotlink Prepaid Broadband up to 42Mbps |

How do I get it fixed? Can I purchase the modem without contract?

Maxis revamps Wireless Broadband packages October 29, in News. Yes, once your allocated internet quota finishes, the speed will be reduced to a 64kbps until your next billing cycle.

Or sub us today. Yes, you can use this service while roaming overseas.

Available in Lazada RM RM Best for on-the-go Connects to 8 devices. Both Malaysians and foreigners over the age of 18 years are eligible.


To use the service, please ensure that your International Roaming service is activated. Maxis brings you closer to the future. Do I need to pay any deposit?

With Maxis, you can get more out of what you pay for whether prepaid or postpaid. So, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fastest Internet in your home. Product image for illustration purposes only. Maxis helps you with everything you need for a fast mwxis stable Internet within your company.

Maxis revised Broadband plans, introduces new prepaid starter kit March 6, in News.

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Maxis prepaid brand Hotlink has just introduced its new Prepaid Broadband service that offers download speeds up to 42Mbps. This replaces Maxis Prepaid Broadband that offer speeds up to 7. There is no contract period if purchasing the SIM-only plan.