This driver is highly hardware specific. The values that can adopt are listed below in the description of the format audio filter. MPlayer has a fully configurable, command-driven control layer which allows you to control MPlayer using keyboard, mouse, joystick or remote control with LIRC. Due to limitations in different versions of gas relocation vs MMX , you will need to compile in two steps: X11 DGA extension both v1. Reasonable values are around 0. Provides saturation and hue control.

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Explicitly choose the MPEG decoder device name to use default: There is no converter right now: Produces no audio output but maintains video playback speed. The method the movie encoder uses to determine which quantizer to use for a given macroblock varies and is highly tunable. Pay attention to the bpp value, fbdev driver tries to use the current, or if you specify the -bpp option, then that. Specify a priority list of audio codec families to be used, according to their codec name in codecs.

This driver is capable of playback using the Blinkenlights UDP protocol. The video plays slower than it should and the A-V desync continues growing steadily about 1 second of desync per 10 seconds of playback.

In this section you will be guided through the compilation and configuration process of MPlayer. Many if not most widescreen DVDs are not strictly Sets the destination address for datagrams sent by the -udp-master.


See -vc help for a full list of available codecs. Mac OS X Quartz video output driver. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. You can prevent this by limiting the amount of video memory used by X with the XF86Config option “VideoRam” in the device section. You can still tweek mode, resolution, position etc. Each MPlayer instance can play a different video, but they all will try to stay at the same time offset in the file.

Only the remaining differences need to be encoded.

These entries are known to work fine with a Riva chip, using the nv. To get a full list of available video filters, see -vf help. You can combine it with the -fixed-vo option to concatenate files with the same dimensions and fps value.

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We have a list of places to get unofficial packages for various systems on our homepage. In order ohtput avoid that, you should probably downscale your video, according to the method described later on in this guide.

mplayer OpenGL video output driver too slow

This feature creates distortion and should be considered a last resort. In this case the DGA driver will crash telling you about a nonsense mode of x or something like that. With no real restriction on bitrate, the result is that the codec will use the lowest possible quantizer for each macroblock as specified by vqmin for libavcodec at, which is 2 by default. Mplayr not specified MPlayer will search the first usable card. With MEncoder, you need to also use -srate.


Official Windows binaries can be found on the download page. Prevents artifacts on very loud sound and raises the volume on mpllayer low sound. The more accurate timestamps can be visible for example when playing subtitles timed to scene changes with the -ass option. For ALSA this is the mixer name. Determines the channel number in which to insert the center channel.

On Ubuntu you might get different options, like –connector instead of –drm-connector. Otuput the sample rate is below Hz select either Hz or Hz depending on which one matches closest.